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Friends & Family

Thank you to everyone who completed their Friends & Family text message questionnaire after your appointment.

Bulkington Surgery work hard to make sure our patients get the right service and you’re aware of all the other health care professionals at the surgery.

We would like to answer some of the comments-

1: Take down all the posters in the surgery- The posters give our patients up to date information on health, events and so much more.

2: Why can’t I book an appointment in advance - You can, you can book 3/4weeks in advance.

3: Why do I receive text messages- These will have information or to remind you of an appointment. You can request at anytime for these to stop by contacting the surgery.

4: Why cant I book a face to face appointment - You can, you will be offered face to face or telephone wherever you prefer. Only if you had Covid symptoms would you be advised to have a telephone appointment first. We still have a large number of patients requesting telephone appointments.

5: I keep being cut off when calling the surgery - This has been looked into with our telephone provider and addressed. If this is still happening, please let reception know as we need your telephone number, time and date of the call for this to be looked into further.

6: Difficulty trying to call the surgery at times - Unfortunately without more funding to allow more staff, we have the same number of people answering the telephones. We are sorry we can’t do more, other than to advise you. The busy times are 8:30am and 2pm for none urgent please try calling at a different time or use the link on our Facebook page to contact the surgery. (This link is also on our website)

7: More online appointments - We’ve added more appointments, but welcome suggestions of the different appointments you would like available. 

Thank you for all the lovely and positive comments. Your comments do help Bulkington Surgery to improve the services to all our patients.

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