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What are Care navigators??

GP support staff who have been trained to help patients get the right help from the right health profession as soon as possible by asking for a little more detail from the patient when they call.

Our friendly and helpful team will help direct patients to access the most appropriate health care either from GP’s, ANP’s, Opticians, Pharmacists and other specialities.

When a patient contacts the practice for an appointment, the care navigator will ask for a brief outline of the problem so they can identify the patient’s need. This will allow the care navigator to refer to information about services in the practice, other NHS providers and the wider care and support sector. Where appropriate, they will direct the patient to these services. Care navigators will never try to diagnose your problem or offer you clinical advice; this new way of working is about offering you the choice to see other health professionals who will be more appropriate than the GP, and who may often be able to see you quicker and easier.

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